Friday, January 1, 2010

Griffith Park Light Show riding with CRANK HEAD RIDAZZZZZZZ

Went Riding through Griffith park and back son. Laurel Canyon to Chandler to Riverside,through zoo drive to Los Feliz and LA river Back to riverside.

Tito ITO

Andrew and Luis fixing the chain

Jonathan, Sench, Blacky, Potatoe


Shelbert About to get a flat on my bike

Luis and Andy trying to fix the tube, with frostys supervision

Out of order,traded peugot's for the US express

Light Show LIVE FEED

Zoo Drive


Elfs working away

Hollywood Bowl Cut

Light show Review

Bridge by LA River

Chandler Bike Path all the way back home

Racked up about 28 miles, Andy and Shoebert didt not make it the whole way.

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