Thursday, January 21, 2010

Betch Ride


Schools been kicking my ass.

First couple days into the new year,(jan 2nd?) , Kelvin (thats me), Sench (not me) and Bruce (arts fartys guy) decided to go ride to the Beach. Left from my house around 3, went to sench's. ended up on ventura, went up sepulveda(Sepulveda was a motha Fucka on this bikes gearing), took a break at the top before skirball (sench was dying), went down sepulveda brakeless again (i always regret it). The Feeling of flying down hill pedaling as fast as you can is indescribable, something about it that make you feel "free". The part that make you feel not "free" is having to stop while your going 25 mph. Having to hop and skid all over the place is cool for the first 30 seconds.Anyways, The hardware for my left cage came aparts (trying to stop down hill with no cages is a motha fucka!).We eventually fixed it, went to the beach blah blah. Some pictures will explain the rest as i am tired and lazy. oh yea, 50 miles in total

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