Monday, October 28, 2013

Tribute to The Drift Monster

After many chassis, tires, fenders, quarter panels, bumpers, hood, tube front ends, bash bars, Sub frames, power steering pump, oil coolers, radiators, its time to sell this thing.This car was built on hope and dreams, held together with zip ties and ductape, fueled by blood sweat and tears and funded thanks to cup noodles.What was once a Passion slowly turned into a hobby (i guess im growing out of it?)

Back in the rotary days, blowing up a motors once a week

Redbull World Drifting Champion ship in 2008 
Long Beach, CA

Tip for people, take a parade lap

Neck still hurting, a week later i understeer into a K rail and hurt my wrist
Laughlin, Nevada

Megan racing Drift Comp 2009

When my lexan hatch was brand new

Pro Am Vegas, flipped it over 

Cut the roof off, slide assassins irwindale event 2009?

Irwindale Pro Am 2009, Got my FD license on a borrow 
motor From Rene Franco @ RMS

there goes more missing aero

After blowing up shitty rotaries 8 times, it was V8 time


got to work in January of 2010, getting it ready for Long Beach

Kept the truck intake because i was poor

Flux Core welded mounts (still holding today)

It was tech time for FD in Rancho Cucomonga .

Damn my car was ugly

So was my pit crew

(Shelbert, JR, Me, Luis, Coles)


Got the panels painted and tuned it at Willow the week of Long beach.

Megasquirt on EDIS wassssssup

So, what happened to Long Beach? I show up and they dont allow me to run due to an 
"illegal unibody modification" even though i showed up @ tech day and they didn't mention anything about it.

Well , i had this sucker laying around and had 1 month to build it before FD Atlanta

Powered by Mexicans (Stripes and John)

Late night Chassis swap party with John and BIB

Motor in and body panels fitted.

Luis getting down on the body work.

@ Dynamic tuning, where this car was built

Base coat spraying with no regulator (harbor freight 10 dollar gun)

I didnt know what i was doing but it came out nice

Roller Rustoleum the interior, it came out pretty nice

Drove across the country hoping to pass tech, and i did!

Driving in the big leagues was surreal

i was having trouble upshifting from 3rd to 4th gear, had no seat time in this car at all

FD evergreen speedway, Washington

The reason they made balcony bigger, right before FD Vegas

Stalling out the car on initiation, clutch pedal too far, into the wall.

Decided to actually practice for once
Sinister Designs make over inside and out

FD Irwindale 

Very unprepared for Formula Drift, starving study 
with no money and lots of friends willing to lend a hand.

From the big leagues to the minor leagues, XDC

Day 1

 Practice Friday, hit the wall then fixed it that night (nice RPF1!)

 competition saturday, hit the wall again, from S5 tail lights to S4, to none



Did the 2011 Long beach Grand Prix, painted the car pink with dinosaurs

 XDC Phoenix
More bumpers lost around the USA

I was over the color PINK






XDC Washington, there goes that bumper (ear of subframe snapped and sent me into dirt)

I stored the car at Shelberts house for almost a year then decided to drive again

Mr2 power steering pump sucked (Topdrift 2012 rd1)

no wipers

Topdrift RD2 HTM

Topdrift RD4 Paved oval

losing body panels

overheating every lap

wall scrapage

under steerage


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