Sunday, April 11, 2010

Got Ticketed by the FD tech police

Ok, so last Blog entry as you can see was UTI Tech day, where my appointment was at 5:00.

The judges thoroughly teched my vehicle,

i needed a windshield, proper cut off switch, reverse gear, make sure no leaks, modify the roll cage and some other stuff. the car was not running so obviously they could not check the if i have a reverse , leaks and working cut off switch.

SO, 2 weeks later, i fix everything and paint it and make it all nice and shiiiiet.

i went to long beach thursday before the friday practice to Re Tech, Doug (starter), checks the things that i failed and pretty much was good to go, he noticed that the roof was kind of sharp and jagged and calls the cheif steward (Randy). Randy and Tony Angelo discuss my car for a couple minutes while me and Albert wait patiently and me kind of nervous thinking (NO, they cant possibly fail me for this)

Randy tells me that cutting off the roof was a unibody modification, and my car could not pass tech in Formula D. I try to argue stating that nobody said anything at the UTI tech day, and asked why they didnt say anything 2 weeks earlier. Tony Angelo tells Randy that i brought in my car at 4:30 at the end of the day and it was a mess and how he didnt even want to tech my car because it was such a mess.


Casidi Tanaka

to me
show details Mar 8

5:00pm Is you appt.

Best Regards,

Casidi Tanaka
Coordinator, Operations
200 Pine Avenue, Suite 615


Ok, at this point my brain is going crazy ( stayed up all night to make some nice final touched to the car just to have it fail). I ask them what my options are and they tell me i would have to bring another car, and welding on a roof onto my car would still be considered a unibody modification.


"The vehicle chassis, frame and / or unibody must remain unmodified between the vertical planes created by the original forward most and rearward most suspension mounting points unless otherwise specified in these rules"


He just ends up saying how there is 47 pages of this in bold and how it is my responsibility to read the rule book, i tell him that they didnt say anything at PRO AM Irwindale(october), Proam Nationals (november)and FD tech day (2 weeks ago). Anyways i left furious , tired, frustrated and looking for a car.

I Staying up all night AGAIN making the CXracing 240sx demo car try to pass tech, modifying the rollcage, adding a kill switch, front brake light, putting in my seats and harnesses, fire suppression system, mounting the battery in the back, adding tow hooks, removing sound deadening, changing the coil overs, half ass aligning it, ETC!!!!

2 hours later, i get to long beach, still dickin around with the brake light switch and kill switch, get to tech 9 minutes before it closes (yea this is kinda my fault) and talk to Angelo, he asks why i didnt bring my new car and i tell him that they said i couldnt FIX that and i would be a unibody modification, he asks me if this car has been in formula D before, and i say no, then he said, " So you expect me to tech this whole car in 9 minutes?" and just tells me sorry and there was nothing i could do about it.

i walk back to the car thats in the practice line, giving my crew the no go signal and a sad face.

Me and my team have been up for over 2 days now, at this point, we were ready to do some stupid shit.

I can try to contest it but that 50 dollars to do, and who knows how long it will take. i have not found any loop holes yet, but i have seen several FD cars with modified unibodys. I will not say names at the moment but is it obvious when you look at they car. On wednesday after my math test, i will be perfoming surgery on a shell transplant.

anyways, here are pictures of the car at willow when we were testing.

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