Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Moves Show at the Roxy

So, i just came back from the show and felt like i had to blog while the moments are still fresh in my head.I was going to start my journey by riding my bike to the Roxy, but i hate how there is no good way to get there from the valley (except Cahuenga, but i wasnt in the mood to ride alone in the rain). I went with Jeremy Feliciano ( i guess no one else likes good music?).
AMAZING SET(yes in CAPS) by BIG MOVES, they are very good live. I took a bunch of footage (on my crappy quality point and shoot) that ill upload later.

5 dolla Parking

The Venue (the roxy)

The Bar (i stayed sober for this show!)

Behind the scene photos

Very exclusive, this is what happens behind the curtains


Rockin out

Me Cheese facin it(looks fake, i absorbed the flash)

Trying not to cheese face it with merch girl, it was her birthday(keep it cool sonnn).
She sold me this fine t shirt that im wearing.

Dudley Dave
This guys hella cool, he traded his wallet for a sharpie so the band could sign my shirt.(true story)

Jess ruining my treehouse

Wes helping ruin my t shirt.

Blake(has got a new face)

Tay Bebebebebeatzzz

This is Big Moves FIRST official t-shirt signing.
Im hella cheese facin it while getting rained on hahaha.

birthday/never lose sight

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  1. your camera takes surprisingly good video for a point and shoot. the sound isnt all shitty from it being too loud.