Monday, November 23, 2009

FD Licensed!

So i got my Formula D license!

Missed the Friday Practice, had to pass tech, and go back to Renes Motorsports to tune the car.

The ConverTruck FC made 356Hp and 308 Torque.

Got there saturday, did 2 practice laps to figure where i needed to be.

Qualifying, i locked in a Safe Run for the first run, The second run i stepped it up. When i entered the infield, my throttle cable came off!! I was so mad.

i qualified 15th and went against the 2nd qualifier Ian Forunier from canada in his 4 door skyline.



Ian Advances, and eventually takes it home.

All in all a good day cause i took home a license.(and i didnt crash or blow up, i know right?!?!)

The end!

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